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God wants to use your talents, gifts, and abilities to make a difference at Laurel Ridge Church! 

Take a look at some of the volunteer opportunities available, and signup on the form below if you’re interested.

Guest Central – Be available to guide people to resources and answer questions they might have about about the church, classes, and events.  Direct them to classrooms and the worship center.

Greeter – Welcome everyone to Laurel Ridge on Sundays as they go through the doors before and after Worship Services with a handshake and a warm smile.

Usher – Hand out programs, direct people to open seating, set up additional chairs if needed, and help collect the offering during worship service.

Children's Check-In – Help families check their children into Preschool and Ridge Kidz.

Security- Monitor the parking lot and entrances for suspicious behavior.

Snack and Coffee Corner – Prepare and set out coffee and supplies.  Plate and serve snacks.  Help everyone feel welcome.

Preschool Ministry – Help care for and teach young children (birth to 4 years old) about the love of Christ.  We are looking for teachers and helpers.  (To download the required application, Click here.)

Nursery Cleaning – Any day Monday -Thursday 8:30am-2pm.  Sanitize the toys for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Ridge Kidz Children’s Ministry – Assist in leading children on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening or during special events such as Day Camp (VBS), Centrikid Camp, Harvest Carnival and other outings. There is a job for everyone.  We are looking for small group leaders, helpers, computer operators, sound techs, and people who love kids.  If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, please check Children’s Ministry to receive more information.  (To download the required application, Click here.)

THE RIDGE Youth Ministries – Assist in teaching teens about Jesus in this incredible and rewarding experience.  Teens need people in their lives who love them for who they are, and will be there in for them through happy and not so happy times.  If you have a heart for teens, and aren’t afraid to let out your inner child, this is the ministry for you.  Time Commitment: once a week.  (To download the required application, Click here.)

Worship & Tech Team – Are you interested in joining the worship or tech team?  We are looking for instrumentalists, vocalists, and people to help run sound, lights and multimedia (audio/visual) training provided.  Please check Worship Team and which area you are interested in (instrumental or singing ) or Tech Team and which are you are interested in (sound or audio) on the front of this card, and we’ll send you a worship/tech team application.  Time Commitment: 1 Thursday evening rehearsal and Sunday sound check plus services on the weeks you are scheduled.  (To download the required application, Click here.)

Reset Team – Clean, restock, and set up the auditorium after first service.

Prayer Team- Be available after one or both of our services to pray with those who ask.

Next Step Team – If you have gone through the 4 steps and want to give back to the ministry, sign up to be a table host, class host or a class assistant.

Care Team – Call (phone calls or personal visits) on people who are ill or who had surgery or some other kind of serious life issue.  Time would vary depending on circumstances.  Pastor Dan will hold training classes to equip you in hospital visits and praying for needs of people as well as answering questions to life’s difficult issues.

Production Team – Assist in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, and other visual elements.

First Responders – Assist in basic medical care in the event of an accident or an emergency. Medical certification would be required.

Baptism Team – Assist in and help prepare for baptism services.

We look forward to serving with you soon! If you want to get more involved at Laurel Ridge by volunteering for one of these positions, please complete this form to start the process: