Services will be held online-only until further notice.

Let's GO!

We have some activities to share for those who are 60 years and older! 
Mark down these dates and get ready to have some FUN!

July 16, 2024:  Nacho Bar at 11:30am.
August 20, 2024:  BYO Lunch, 12 Noon (optional), Ice Cream Social at 1pm.
September 17, 2024:  Picnic, location TBD.
October 15, 2024:  TBD.
November 19, 2024:  4th Annual Thanksgiving Lunch.
December 10, 2024:  Christmas Potluck.

*Unless otherwise noted, all activities will be at the church at 11:30 a.m..

Have questions?
Contact Raelene Munns or Jackie Coppin
or you can sign up  for the Boomers group through the Community Group Page