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Mother's Day 2020

Help! I'm a Mom Stuck in my House!
Mother's Day 2020

Whether or not you are a mother, chances are pretty good that you had one.  You may have had a good relationship with her or a bad one, or you may have never known her - but God still wants you to honor your mother.  In Ephesians 6:2-3, Paul quotes Exodus 12:20 and says, "Honor your father and mother" - which is the first commandment with a promise - "that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."  Clearly, obeying this directive is in our own best interest.  Top eight needs of mothers.  Let's look at what each of us can do to help meet them.  
If you would like to extend this over a week, you can easily do one of the points each day in your devotion.  For a printable version of this study, click here.
What does Psalm 78:56a say the Israelites persisted in doing to God?
  • What is it about children that they test the patience of their parents?  Is this part of their role?
From Ephesians 4:2, describe the attitude believers are asked to adopt toward one another.
  • How can you express love towards your family even when you feel impatient with them?
How do tough times provide an opportunity for growth, according to James 1:3-4?
  • How does being a parent allow/cause you to grow?
Read Matthew 7:12.  What should we do for others?
  • If you are a mother or in charge of raising children in any way, how can you help them learn to "do unto others?"  Discuss some ways to model this verse. 

When we become a disciple of Christ, we grow to be more like Christ.  One of Christ's attributes is patience.  As a child do you remember being impatient with your parents to the point that you wrote a list of things you would never do when you became a parent?  Today, as a parent, or a significant person in a child's life, has that list become obsolete at some point or have you done things differently? 
What if Paul grateful for in Philippians 1:3?

According to Colossians 1:3, what attitude should always accompany our prayers?
  • What are some specific ways we can show appreciation to our moms?
  • If a person's mother is deceased (or if she was absent or abusive) how can that person develop an attitude of appreciation for her? 

Take a moment and express thanks to God for what your parents have given you. 
Psalm 127:2 gives us what reassurance when we are tempted to work around the clock?  What does the next verse (verse 3) say about children?
  • What is a practical thing you can do to help a mother have some time for herself?
What kind of life does Jesus promise in John 10:10?
  • How can we encourage a mother to have an abundant life so she can model that for her children?
Often we may have good intentions of helping a mom to have some time to herself, but we feel blocked because of two things: Our own patterns ("I always watch TV after work and don't want to watch the kids then") or just plain selfishness!  Think of some practical things you can do to get "out of the rut" to help a mom have a life.  Write down the one that stand out most to you and decide a plan of action. 
When we need wisdom, where can we find it?  See James 1:5 and Colossians 2:3.
  • When a mom is trying to decide whether to say yes or no, or needs wisdom for disciplining her child, how can we help?
Pray for a mom this week to receive wisdom in her parenting. 
How do the children mentioned in Proverbs 31:28-31 validate their mother?
  • Parents are responsible for building people.  How can we validate the importance of that role?

There are a large number of mother's in our society who do not have the support of an extended family.  Are you aware of a mother who could use your help and prayer?  Think about an action plan to help. 
Think of the nature of the communication encouraged by Ephesians 4:29.  How should we speak around our mothers?
  • How can we encourage communication between children and the adults in their lives?  How can we encourage communication among all ages?

Growth in Christ involves taking the time to communicate with others.  Determine to spend some time this week having better/more in-depth communication with one of your parents or your child. 
Where does Jesus say we can find rest?  See Matthew 11:28.
  • In our society, which encourages over-involvement in activities, how can we cope with the twin emotions that many parents feel - exhaustion because they are doing so much and guilt that they aren't doing enough?

Think of a parent in your life who needs time to rest.  How can you help that parent find the time they need to spend with Jesus?
Read John 14:1.  In whom are we to put our faith?
  • How does a person find faith when things are going wrong?
How often are we to turn to God, according to Psalm 62:8?  What will he be to us if we do?  
  • Faith transcends what we can see.  How is salvation a faith act?
Sharing our faith with others often helps them find faith or increase the faith they already have.  Think of a scripture that helped you develop your faith in God's sufficiency.  How can you share that with a mom or other person you know whose faith is wavering or fragile? 





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